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Joseph Atmore is Dunninger

In 2004, I created the theatrical show, Joseph Atmore is Dunninger, which had its debut at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas.  The show is an exact recreation of an Amazing Dunninger radio show.  The stage is set with replica props from the era: beautiful period RCA microphones, advertising material, original "on-air" signs and original radio show music.

Audience members will view a show as though they are sitting in Studio 6B at Rockefeller Center in 1944. The thoughts of the studio audience will be read and thought provoking Brain Busters will be performed.  Since the debut in Las Vegas, the show has been performed in London's West End, back to Las Vegas, an extended run in Monterey, California, the San Francisco Fringe Festival and at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.


The routines performed in the show are the exact same routines Dunninger performed in his hit radio series.  However, the outcome and success of the telepathy experiments is totally up to the concentration of the audience members.  You'll wonder, am I really reading your thoughts?  Does mind reading really exist? 


Major Entertainment magazines have covered the show.


Read the review about my London West End show from The Stage.



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