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Joseph Atmore is Dunninger

by Alistair Smith

The Stage, June 15, 2006


  Part show, part museum piece, Joseph Atmore, a US based mentalist of good standing in his own right, recreates a forties radio magic show by Joseph Dunninger - one of the highest paid showmen of the era.

Atmore튰erformance is an authentic revival of the late performer೴age show, during which he used to 塤䨥 audienceനoughts. On stage with Atmore are fellow magicians Marc Paul and Ian Rowland, replicating the roles of the radio show࡮nouncer and director respectively, and a panel of judges who are used to validate Dunninger୩nd tricks.

It튡n entertaining concept, complete with forties radio mics and adverts from sponsors Kem-Tone Paint. Atmore himself is excellent, mimicking Dunningerදice to good effect and, most importantly, performing a fascinating array of �?reading䲩cks involving both judges and audience members.

It might be one more for the magic history buff than the general public but despite that is still entertaining - it certainly made me intrigued to see Atmore௷n mentalism show. Richard Leigh೥ries of Late Night Magic shows at Jermyn Street has turned up some gems and this is certainly one of them, although it might be a little specialist for some tastes.

Production information

Richard Leigh for False Impressions
Joseph Atmore, Marc Paul, Ian Rowland, David Berglas

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